Sunday, January 15, 2006


Cleaning up for the Inaguration

The most amazing transformation over the past week has been to watch the Liberians clean up Monrovia. Or rather, one street in Monrovia. Buildings and curbs have been painted, the streets have been swept. An incredible amount of garbage has been removed from the sides of the streets. Several buildings have even recieved glass windows. In the past day or two, they have even been adding lines on the street for the lanes. People still ignore them.

These photos are from earlier in the week, and you can see the beginning of this happening. The streets are still clogged with cars, UN vehicles, stalled taxis and thousands of pedestrians. Previously, and still today in outskirts of the town, the sides of the streets would be piled, literally three feet high with garbage, much of it pathetically on fire.

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