Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Kakum National Park

Heading north of Cape Coast about 20 km, was Kakum National Park. It's primary claim to fame is a series of suspension bridges, about 30 meters above the jungle floor, bringing you through, and above the jungle canopy. The view from up there was absolutely gorgeous, and the canopy was so thick that even looking straight down, you could not see the forest floor. I spent several days traveling with two American medical students, and when we were on the hike back from the canopy walkway, we were accomponied by two Swedish med students. Halfway back, we heard a short gasp from Sylvia, the Swede, followed by "a snake!" She was walking directly behind me, about ten feet back. Her exclaimation, of course, caused us to rush back to check it out. A green mamba, over six feet long, had been sitting on a branch, adjacent to the trail. It was a yellowish green, and fit in quite well with the jungle foliage. Scott, Trey, and I had walked right past it, with it maybe eighteen inches from our left elbows. We had evidently scared it, causing Sylvia to see it as it slithered back up the tree. We crowded around, about five, ten feet away as it slowly crawled up an adjacent tree. We got a second look at it, but unfortunately, we were all too slow to get any good photos.

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