Sunday, April 09, 2006


Moses Gets Some New Sunglasses

We hire a local security firm to provide some guards for our house in Gbarnga. They are well paid for Liberia ($75US per month), and are given some uniforms to wear to work. They are pretty standard security guard uniforms, like you'd see on the States, polyster all. So none of the guys normally really wear it, they might wear the pants and go with some other shirt (if they have a shirt at all). Or, they put on some shorts or cut off pants and wear the shirt, with one button buttoned, not tucked in, andd all of it washed once a month, if at all.

So, last week, Moses bought himself a new pair of sunglasses. Immensely proud of them, he washes his uniform, and comes to work with his nicely pressed uniform, shirt tucked in, strutting around our front yard with his posture ramrod straight. I get home, and ask him why he's all dressed up today, and he tries to claim "no reason." Noting the key piece of new wardrobe, I start teasing him about wanting to show of his new sunglasses, and he bashfully tries to deflect the answer as a couple of the other guards start rolling on the ground in laughter. He was straight of central casting for CHIPS.

As the area is rebuilding, I'm noticing more and more murals and painting on the houses. Here is a standard example. Note the depiction of the three key phases of Christ's Life, the Birth of Jesus, the Cruxifiction, and the Disco Phase.

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